Good health does not have to be elusive…

At Personal Health Connections, we take pride in taking the mystery out of good health.  We understand that you are a unique individual and the fact that you are reading this tells us that up until this time, you have not been able to discover the source of your problem.  We understand that you are frustrated with taking medication after medication without getting the results you desire.  You wish there were some way to takes matters into your own hands and figure it out yourself.

Well, now there is!  Dr. George Springer and Susan Bucci, CCP are launching a revolutionary new program designed to empower you to put the pieces together for yourself (see our Event Schedule).  And… an extension of that program, Susan Bucci is offering one-on-one coaching sessions intended to either reinforce what you have learned at the seminar(s), or to introduce you to a world in which you can become the master of your health destiny.  Dr. Springer has a 95% success rate with his patients, and Susan Bucci can teach you how you can apply what he does to help his patients, keeping in mind, of course, that no two people are alike.  The secret:  your own body will reveal what it needs and Susan is trained to teach you how to understand what your body is telling you.

The time is NOW.  Call Susan today to schedule your one-on-one coaching session.  Discover what you can do to become part of the growing community of individuals who are learning what they can do to take their health back.

Disclaimer: My coaching session is not intended to be a substitute for an accurate medical diagnosis or proper medical care by a licensed doctor or qualified medical professional. The information discussed during our session(s) should not be attempted without first consulting a licensed physician. The information that will be provided is general and not specific to you. The facts, experiences, insights, and theories presented during our sessions are meant to educate, inform, enlighten, and stimulate you only. Our discussion is not intended to be used as medical advice. If there is anything received in writing or anything discussed that is known to be inaccurate, potentially harmful, or does not make perfectly good sense, you are encouraged to contact me as soon as possible.

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