Health Connections

The Gut Connection will introduce you to a specific combination of imbalances in the digestive system that are at the root of a host of symptoms and chronic health conditions. You will be amazed at the far reaching effect in the body.  (read more)

The Lifestyle Connection reveals the “8 hidden metabolic barriers” to weight loss and exactly how they can block you from shedding those unwanted pounds.  You will learn how to evaluate yourself for these metabolic barriers and precisely what you need to do to restore proper balance. (read more)

The PH and Detox Connection explores the relationship between body pH, energy metabolism, toxicity, inflammation and disease.  You will learn how to optimize your body pH as well as how to evaluate yourself for specific toxic factors and the best ways to safely detoxify yourself.  (read more)

The Energy Connection will take you on a journey through the emerging field of energy medicine. You will learn about a number of energy techniques to help balance the body. “Everything is energy” and after this workshop you will appreciate the full truth behind these words as you discover how to direct this energy to enhance your health. (read more)

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