Reclaim Your Health….
Reclaim Your Life!

Developed from 30 years of Dr. George Springer’s clinical experience, our “Self-Health Series” are four hands-on workshops that teach you techniques you can use to assess your own health and restore balance to your body.

These are NOT seminars designed to recruit you as a patient or give you something else to buy.

Each module gives you proven, effective procedures you will learn to use that will empower you to take charge of your health. These procedures are the same ones that Dr. Springer has used to help thousands of patients, even the more difficult cases. Now, he is sharing them with you, making this a rare opportunity to learn skills that can truly enhance your health as well as that of your family and close friends.

These workshops are not intended to try to turn you into a doctor. However, in an over-medicated society that is focused on expensive “disease care”, by attending our workshops you will be joining a growing number of people who are achieving real, affordable “health care”, by taking more control over their health destiny.

Once you experience our workshops and start applying the procedures you learn, you will be able to accomplish more for you and your family’s health than you ever thought possible.

Reserve your seat today and begin your journey to reclaim your health!

“It’s far more important to know what person has the disease than what disease the person has.”


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