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I am still energized from this past weekend’s seminar (February 5, 2011 –The Gut Connection).  I knew I would learn a lot but I think I actually learned twice what I expected. It was fantastic and I can hardly wait for the next one, especially since when I arrived for my first visit with Dr. Springer about 2 years ago, I had 6 of the 8 barriers to weight loss. – D.K.  2/09/11


Originally, I had a number of problems – from weight issues, anxiety, digestive problems, and depression to a hormonal imbalance. You name it; I thought I was going crazy. Since my visits with Dr. Springer and Susan Bucci, I have seen such an improvement with my health, body and mind.

I feel more in control and inspired to take better care of myself now that I am learning how. My thinking is more clear, I have more confidence and actually feel good about myself. I have lost approximately 30 lb and receive so many compliments from friends and family. Susan is genuine and encouraging. Dr. Springer has helped narrow down the sources from which my problems stem and is treating rather than masking the symptoms.

I can’t put into words what a relief it is to me. I am so grateful for this. I truly feel that my life has changed for the better since my visits. Thank you! Lindsay


I have been under Dr. Springer’s care for about six months. I had spent thousands and thousands of dollars (literally) and had gone to some very fine physicians, but none had been able to penetrate the barriers that prevented me from besting my persistent health issues.

I went from mostly in bed (for the last two years), to a very active life style with an occasional short nap. About this, above all, I am ecstatic! However, my newfound ability to eat dozens of previously forbidden foods without penalties to pay, continues to impress me. Or, the simple fact of having the elimination system going like clock-work (the way nature intended) is amazing. Then, there is the sheer joy of no longer experiencing the myriad woes of female menopause at all: miraculous!

Currently, I am on Weight-Wise (Dr. Springer’s weight-loss/maintenance program) and it is working at the same successful rate as the remainder of the programs he has written me.

In addition to his curative genius, Dr. Springer is a delight. He listens, is completely non-arrogant and possesses a playful spirit.

Dr. Springer, thank you from the bottom of my socks (this is deeper than just the heart!) for making it possible for me to regain my health, and hence, my life ~ I love you dearly. – S.


This has been a fantastic experience. In six months I have lost 50 pounds. The great part about this diet is I am never hungry.

The balanced portions of meat and vegetables plus a snack of fruit and crackers in two hours makes it easy to stay on the diet and the pounds melt away – one to three pounds per week.

It enabled me to get completely off high blood pressure medication because my blood pressure is now normal without it.

I used to be short of breath if I went up an incline. Now it is easy and my energy level is greatly improved.

All my old clothes now fit. I am feeling great.

I would highly recommend this tailor made diet.

GS – Mar 12, 2008


I was recently challenged to come up with five words that describe my experience (I have been seeing Dr. Springer since 1/28/09). My five words are: “I’m getting my life back.”   And to anyone who has not made a commitment to his or her own healing and wellness, I have another five words – “what are you waiting for?” D. Klein


My name is Ana…  I’m 44 years old.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroid over 10 years ago…the last decade of my life I was feeling lousy, always tired, aching pain all over my body and I was 20 lbs. overweight.  I was very concerned about my health.  Over two months ago I decided to take control of my health.  I visited Dr. Springer.  Since the first visit I felt positive and sure that I made the right decision.  Dr. Springer put me on a special treatment with natural supplements, and I’m feeling 100% better – my energy level has improved.  Also, he put me on a weight loss program with Susan Bucci.  The program was easy to follow.  I lost 20 lbs….


My life is completely different one year after beginning my treatment with Dr. Springer. When I was little, I was born without an esophagus and had some spinal abnormalities. As a result, I have had many surgeries to correct my spine and to fix my esophagus. As far back as I can remember, I have always had food allergies and could not eat things that I wanted. I would get terribly sick after eating something I was allergic to and most of the time I didn’t even know what it was that caused the allergic reaction. As a teenager, I developed severe asthma and more food allergies. As an adult, I began having terrible acid reflux and even panic attacks. I would have nighttime acid reflux and aspirate into my lungs, would wake up, could not get a breath and subsequently develop pneumonia. I was used to going to the hospital at least once a year for pneumonia.

I was referred to Dr. Springer by a friend of mine who is interested in more holistic medicine and I was to the point of being desperate to get better. My first visit with Dr. Springer was completely different than any other doctor I had ever seen. He truly listened to all of my medical issues and explained to me how out of balance my digestive system was and how that was affecting other organs. He seemed to have a better understanding of how interconnected our organs are than any doctor or specialist I had previously seen. The best thing about my first visit with Dr. Springer was that he gave me HOPE that I would get better. Dr Springer worked to identify the imbalances that I had in my body in a way that was totally new and different from anything I had ever seen before. I had never had any prior exposure to energy medicine but was totally fascinated. I started on the supplements that he recommended and also started allergy elimination treatments. Within weeks, I was already feeling improved. My allergic reactions were becoming less and less. After 3 months, I started weaning off my prescription drugs and had so much more energy and stamina. Within 6 months I could not even remember the last time I had an asthma attack and my food allergies were almost eliminated. My nerves were calmer and I had no more panic attacks. My digestive enzymes were normalized and I did not suffer from acid reflux after meals. I did not need any asthma drugs or any other prescription drugs any more. Personally, being treated by Dr. Springer has been a complete blessing in my life. My health is finally not a problem for me anymore. I can enjoy my life and eat without worry of an allergic reaction or aspirating. According to my husband, “Dr. Springer saved my life.”  Susan R. 8/16/10


My latest win [regarding health] is centered in working with Susan B and Dr. Springer on the lifestyle modification plan to attain sane eating and exercise habits – and it really works!  I have lost close to 40 pounds and it was a great experience !  Almost painless – Susan is there every step of the way, whenever you need encouragement.  (Believe me, that really helps to know you are not alone in this endeavor!)  The program is laid out so that you really learn the healthy way to eat, break old habits while replacing them with new, prosurvival ones (like dropping the junk food) and getting exercise back into your schedule.  By dropping the weight, I have handled even more non-optimum body conditions.  DP – September 14, 2006


I remember Dr. Springer saying after my first exam, ” The good news is that you are not a complete train wreck, but you do have several issues that need to be addressed!”

I love Dr. Springer’s whole approach of treating the cause of illness, as opposed to just treating just the symptoms.  It is wonderful to start feeling well again and not need all of  the medication.  For the first time in a very long time I am hopeful that I can be healthy and enjoy life again!  In closing I’d like to give my love and thanks to both Susan and Dr. Springer — you’ve been nothing short of a godsend!        Teri – 1/5/11



I developed chronic fatigue about 4 years ago.  To give you an idea of how much energy I had had prior to, one day I rode my bicycle 32 miles after playing tennis for 8 hours.  But once I developed the fatigue, I began needing naps after one round of tennis.  At first I just thought I wasn’t getting enough sleep and it was catching up with me.  But I would literally put my head down at 11:00 a.m. and found it difficult to get going again.  After a month, I realized I had chronic fatigue only because I was familiar with Dr. Springer’s work.   I was completely recovered after only 2 weeks of treatment.  11/2010  Susan Bucci, Co-founder, Personal Health Connections


I was a first grade school teacher.  Working with children that age is very tiring and since many of my colleagues complained of being tired on a regular basis, I just thought it went with the territory.  However, because of my mother’s familiarity with Dr. Springer’s work, she asked me to be checked for chronic fatigue.  Sure enough, she was right.  I was better within the month and I am very grateful that I listened to my mother!  11/2010   Jaclyn Bucci


I had a small, scaly patch of skin that progressively worsened.  After Dr. Springer diagnosed me with psoriasis, he began treatment.  The rash was completely gone in less than 3 months and has not been back since.  As a result, I have taken an active interest in Dr. Springer’s work.  I have gone back to school with the intention of doing what I can to help people become aware of his work and to teach people what they can do to regain their health.  November, 2010 M.B.

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