You Are Surrounded By A Sea of Subtle Energies!

In fact, at the root of all your body’s tissues, hormones and fluids there is a symphony of thousands of subtle energies.

They are all working harmoniously together in the regulation of your body’s most intricate functions.

Other energies exist which are not so harmonious and compatible with optimum balance in your body.


“The Energy Connection”

Presented by Dr. George E. Springer and Susan Bucci CCP

Energy medicine truly represents the new frontier by going beyond the purely chemical model that has defined medicine for decades. It is well established that your body is a composite of positive and negative electrical charges which makes modern innovations like the MRI possible. Aside from these electrical charges, physics has long demonstrated that each element in the periodic table (including those in your body) emits a frequency of light that is unique for that element. It is being identified that substances as basic as vitamins and minerals may create their affects on the body with their “energy signatures” that may ultimately prove to be more important than their chemical reactions.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • An overview of the emerging field of energy medicine.
  • A procedure to assess the effect of different forms of energy on your body.
  • Magnetism and the therapeutic applications on various imbalances.
  • How to safely guide acupuncture energies for optimum function.
  • The use of a 500 year old science whose time is finally here.
  • The application and effects of color light on the body.

What are other experts saying:

“Energy medicine is the future of medicine.”  Mehmet Oz, M.D.

“The potential of non-invasive energy medicine to benefit people at a much lower cost is phenomenal.”  Richard Gerber, M.D., author, Vibrational Medicine

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Disclaimer: The Personal Health Connections TM training program is not intended to be a substitute for an accurate medical diagnosis or proper medical care by a licensed doctor or qualified medical professional. The information given in the course should not be attempted without first consulting a licensed physician. The facts, experiences, insights, and theories presented at our Personal Health Connections TM seminars are meant to educate, inform, enlighten, and stimulate the participants only. This presentation is not intended to be used as medical advice. If there is anything received in writing or anything presented at the workshops that is known to be inaccurate, potentially harmful, or does not make perfectly good sense, you are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible.

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